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Regional consultancy specialized in fisheries and aquaculture: Let's share the future together

COFREPECHE Maroc (COFMA) is a part of COFREPECHE SA France

Fisheries and aquaculture:
our savoir-faire

Public and private projects in MENA region

COFMA benefits from the technical suuport of COFREPECHE which has more than 30 years experience, and  has integrated skills in technical, economic and financial savoir-faire in the fisheries and aquaculture sector and the integrated coastal zone management.

Our experts work all around the world providing advices, technical assistance and carrying out studies and audits.

COFMA created Maroc Aquaculture Services to assist both public and private sector in the development of aquaculture for which Halieutis Plan pays a great interest.
The Grouping COFREPECHE France - Maroc has achieved more than 750 projects throughout the World for private and public clients including the international development organizations (EuropeAid, World Bank, United Nations, Millenium Challenge Corporation, African Development Bank, etc).

COFREPECHE Maroc, has been involved, since its creation in 2009, in the  implementation of many projects.

A selection of our current projects are presented under the page 'What we do'.

Photo: aquaculture farm in the North of Morocco

Latest news
12/12/14 : COFREPECHE Maroc attended the SME Forum

01/11/14 : COFREPECHE Maroc is strengthened

18/09/14 :

COFMA searches
05/05/11 : We are seeking an expert specialized in seafood processing technologies Graduated in fisheries industries or equivalent

05/05/11 : An expert in international fish trade; Graduated in fisheries economics, trade or marketing or equivalent

North Africa, Milddle East, West Africa
11/10/10 : senior experts in various fields relating to fisheries and aquaculture:

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